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Learn More from a Micropigmentation Specialist

Lasting Looks Permanent Makeup, conveniently located in the Denver Metro Area, can make an amazing difference in your overall appearance. The procedures that I do are well worth the money. Many people call me and ask only one question, "What do you charge?" When you're price shopping, there's always someone "cheaper." But I have to wonder, who would consider having a procedure of this importance (in terms of your appearance and your health) done without finding out more about the qualifications of the person doing the procedure. We're talking about a tattoo being done on your face! My advice is, ask questions, and then question the answers you get. Do some research so you know if the answers that you are getting are correct. If you do not know what to ask, here are a few questions and answers to get you started.

What is Micropigmentation?

Also known as permanent makeup, permanent cosmetic enhancement or cosmetic tattooing, is a process of inserting pigments (typically iron oxide) into the upper portion of the dermis for cosmetic enhancement. This includes eyelash enhancement, eyeliner, eyebrow enhancement, lip liner, full lip shading, and beauty marks. Another application would be to create, or just add color to, a nipple/areola after breast surgery or to soften and camouflage scar tissue from breast augmentations, face lifts, acne and accidents.

Scar Camouflaging


What credentials are required?

That varies from state to state. In Colorado you must be licensed as a cosmetologist or esthetician and have passed a 132 hour course in permanent makeup, as well as being trained by OSHA. There are many people doing permanent makeup in Colorado who do not meet these qualifications, so be sure to ask for proof.

Would it be safer or can I get better results by having my procedures done by someone working in the office of a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or other doctor?

A person doing permanent makeup or micropigmentation procedures in a doctor's office or on their own, but under a doctor's supervision, is NOT required to have any certifications or training whatsoever! What a scary thought!

Your business name is Lasting Looks LLC. Are you the same owner as A Lasting Look?

Definitely not! Beware of businesses that use similar names that redirect traffic to their business. Maria Morton of is Colorado's FIRST fully licensed and certified permanent make-up artist since 1993. With 25+ years experience, we as well as our clients agree that experience counts!

Will it hurt?

The sensation varies for each person. It can range from a tickling or annoying sensation to downright uncomfortable. A combination of topical anesthetics is used to make it as comfortable as possible. Proper stretching techniques also make it more comfortable as well as giving you a straighter line.

How will it look?

Each procedure is customized to the individual client, but generally speaking, the results should have a natural and conservative appearance.

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